East Coast Tranship, Inc.

International Agents for Imports of freshwater Tropical Fish for Pets Stores and Wholesalers

We supply Tropical Fish Imports to:

Ship Outs to: ALL cities in the United States with direct flights or good connections
Drop Offs to: All points along the Rt. 95 corridor between NY and Wash DC
Note: Drop Off shipments incur NO Freight charges.

We Supply Tropical Fish Imports From:

China – Taiwan – Singapore – Bangkok – Hong Kong – Jakarta – Guyana – Calcutta – Brazil – Columbia – Trinidad – Malaysia – Nigeria – Ecuador
We ship weekly with high quality, consistent service and offer live delivery guarantees on our shipments with only a few exceptions.

Buy Tropical Fish Imports for your store and Save 50 to 70% over wholesale

We are Direct Importers from overseas.
When you buy from us you bypass the wholesaler… and yet are able to buy as little as one box.
We act as an intermediary between you and the overseas shipper.
Customers recieve a complete list of inventory from every country.

Angelfish – Barbs – Cichlids – Betta Fish – Lionfish Brackfish – Danio – Discus – Gourami – Killi Loach – Molly – Platty – Rasbora – Shark Swordtail – Tetra – Crab – Lobster – Rainbow Shrimp – Glassfish – Knifefish – Oscar and other popular and unique species for tropical fish aquariums.

East Coast Tranship, Inc.

Shipping in the United States from Washington, D.C. & Baltimore, MD – USA
Fish originating from all countries shipped out every Monday morning!
To place orders or Ask Questions please contact us . . .

Sunday – Thursday: 10:30 AM – 7:30 PM,

Closed: Friday & Saturday.