Ship Thru Us


East Coast Tranship, Inc.

Would like you as a customer . . .


We sell only to licensed Pet Shops and Wholesalers within the United States.
If you are a licensed pet shop or wholesaler we would welcome you on board.

In order to become a customer please follow these steps . . . .

  1. Press the “PRICE LISTS” tab from Home Page on the website and fill out all the information in all the blocks and press SUBMIT at the bottom.
  2. This information comes directly into processing and if you have provided a legitimate Federal Tax # (not State) then a return E-mail will be sent directly to you with a number of attachments.
    Among the attachments will be Price Lists and Availabilities from all the countries we represent.
    ALSO – there will be an “Application for Company Check” and a document that explains how things work (Operational Procedures)
  3. Print out the “Application for Company Check” and fill out all the information on it.
    We use this information to create you as a customer and assign you an ordering code.
    Sign that document (both pages). It also contains the TERMS we operate under.
    All your information is kept absolutely private in-house. It is not shared with anyone.
  4. Make a copy of the completed “Application for Company Check” for your records.
    FAX us a copy of the Application to (718) 525-8700
  5. From the Faxed copy we will begin to process the references you have provided.
  6. We will keep you informed by Email of the progress.
  7. ALL first orders are sent COD Money Order…. After that we can move to accepting your company check….. and, if you are consistent, we will move to OPEN account.
    We do NOT accept Credit Cards. The profit we make per box is small and the Credit Card companies want much too high a percentage for us to use them.

* NOTE: AFTER you receive the first Availabilities and Info, if you are not yet sure you want to become a customer…. but you would still like to receive the WEEKLY Availabilities from all the countries while you are deciding, then simply request to be added to the Weekly Broadcast List. You may opt off the list at any time by sending us an email.