Hong Kong Freshwater Tropical Fish Stock Highlights

Tropical Fish Wholesale Supplier To USA Pet Stores – Hong Kong Stock Highlights

We are a direct importer and freshwater tropical fish wholesale supplier located near Washington DC. We have supplied wholesale tropical fish to pet stores in the United States for over 25 years. In this article we will feature some of the harder to find, rarer species and popular fish from Singapore.

Just barely off the coast of China, is the small province of Hong Kong. Like other countries we import from, Hong Kong has developed a niche within the market. Their specialty items are Goldfish, Piranhas, Neons, Tetras and various Newts and Frogs.

As far as Goldfish, Hong Kong stocks and ships just about every kind there is. They access mainland China so their inventory is HUGE. Shown here are some of their more Showy LG Adult pieces. They devote well over 500 codes to just Goldfish.




As for Piranhas, Hong Kong is a breeder exclusively of Red Belly’s. They are reliable suppliers throughout the entire year.


As far as Newts, there are 5 species that Hong Kong carries. While the Mandarin is a rarer specie, they commonly carry the Fire Newt, Paddle tail and Spotted Red



When it somes to Neons, Hong Kong is the primary Source for Neons in the whole world. Their supply is steady, reliable, and the cheapest of all other countries in the world


Other Odd Ball fish that Hong Kong consistently offers are The Chinese Hi-Fin Shark


Silver Arowanas … Bred so they are available throughout the year.


Various Frogs and Toads



And Finally DoJo Weather Loaches not available from other countries.


Of course Hong Kong carries many more Tetras and other fish… these are just the highlights.

Watch our Tour of Asia video to see our tropical freshwater fish selections from the other countries across Asia

Note: We sell ONLY to pet stores with a pet store license in the United States. For information on pricing and availability of all of our tropical fish wholesale stock from Asia and other countries around the world, follow the instructions on our web page at http://www.eastcoasttranship.com/ship-thru-us.html and be sure and ask about our guarantees.

Tropical Fish Wholesale Supplier To USA Pet Stores – Hong Kong Stock Highlights

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