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Freshwater Tropical Fish Wholesale Supplier For USA Pet Stores – Indonesian Stock

Located near Washington DC, we are a direct importer of freshwater tropical fish wholesale and have supplied wholesale tropical fish to pet stores in the United States for over 25 years. In this article we will highlight some of the harder to find, rarer species and popular fish from Indonesia, thereby offering the fish at a much cheaper price.

Indonesia is our main source country for wild caught Clown Loaches. No other country in the world offers Clown Loaches as cheap as Indonesia.

Clown Loach Fish

Indonesia also breeds Gar Fish. They currently offer us 3 species… the maculata, the oculata, and the hujeta.


Indonesia also breeds the Silver and Pearl Arowana so that we can offer these year round . . .


Another ‘Source Fish’ we acquire from Indonesia is the family of Rainbow Fish. Indonesia boasts 21 species on their price list.


Many Asian countries offer some Freshwater Shrimp specie, but Indonesia offers us more specie than all other countries AND does a better job shipping them to us. There are 27 specie total on their list . . .


Watch our Tour of Asia video to see our tropical freshwater fish selections from the other countries across Asia

Note: We sell ONLY to pet stores with a pet store license in the United States. For information on pricing and availability of all of our tropical fish wholesale stock from Asia and other countries around the world, follow the instructions on our web page at and be sure and ask about our guarantees.

Freshwater Tropical Fish Wholesale Supplier For USA Pet Stores – Indonesian Stock

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