Video – Tour Of Asian Suppliers

Video: Tour Of Asian Suppliers

Welcome to the East Coast Tranship Tropical Fish Wholesale Supplier Tour of Asia.

View photos and hear information about the 6 countries in Asia where we source tropical fish for wholesale to pet stores in the U.S. including:

INDONESIA – Clown Loach, Gar fish, Arowana, Rainbow fish, freshwater shrimp

BANGKOK Thailand – Flowerhorns, Datenoid, Humphead Glassfish, Betta fish, Brackish water fish, Catfish, eels, Painted Glassfish, Clown Knife fish, Oscar fish, sharks, Painted Tetras

SINGAPORE – Arowana, Discus, Flowerhorns, Electric Blue Jack Dempsey, Rams, Angel fish, Cichlids, Fancy Gourami, Guppy, Molly, Platys, Swordtails

HONG KONG – Goldfish, Piranhas, Newts, Neon, Chinese Hi-Fin Shark, Arowana, frogs and toads, Do-Jo Weather Loaches

TAIWAN – African Cichlid, Parrot fish, freshwater shrimp


For information on pricing and availability of all of our tropical fish wholesale stock from Asia and other countries around the world, call us at 301-782-1025…and be sure and ask about our guarantees.


  1. Sandra Dawson says

    This is a really great video. Very Informative and uniquely done as a tour. Pet stores that sell tropical fish will no doubt find this very useful.

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